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Markerte ung kulturkalender!

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Morten Solli Stjordal musikkråd. Ann Inger Lertrø Stjordal sports council, Odd Petter Haugseth Stjordal Næringsforum and the tourist office, Sigrun Slowed from cabaret environment, Mari Moe Krysinska, Joachim Engan and Astrid Vikaune from the municipality presented the theme culture calendar for Værnes region recently at the town square. This should be a planning and coordination tool for organizers – what happens, when and where? The calendar should provide a good overview for citizens, the public and visitors. It will certainly be a first choice when things happen where you live!

Fill your calendar with activities

-What happens when and where? That’s the big question and the answer, says cultural consultant Astr id Vikaune Stjordal Municipality, and would like to have more help to fill the cultural calendar of activities. In good time before the regional cultural center is ready at Husby Grounded, the cultural calendar have «worked into» a routine for users, tourists or nyinnflyttede in the region. Here they can see what happens and when it happens, and avoid collisions with other events.

– Where can operators and the public this calender for five municipalities in Vaernes region when Astrid. What you can enter, and it costs nothing to use it?

– Culture calendar for Værnes region is completely free to use. You can find it on the website of the local authorities, and you can easily add a scheduled event in the future. Will this be canceled, informed that happy about the cancellation as well. Light and use without a password and without difficulty is this platform for events, music and cultural events promise architects. Culture calendar becomes a sort of umbrella for the art of multiple takes this into use ahead. Not only locally but throughout Værnes region!

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